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I hate that when I tell people I frequently crush on book characters, they'll jump to conclusions and exclaim, "Oh I LOVE Edward too!!" And proceed to squeal.

I am ashamed of many teenage girls.

So tired

Read Ender's Game for the first time, it's great. I recomend it.

I got a fanfiction idea that won't leave me alone, I've thought of hundreds of scenes, outlined the basic plot and where I want it to go. The only problem is that I don't have much time to focus on it right now. I've started writing down all the scenes so I can use them later but all that seems to do is fuel the fire.

Beta readers are also a topic of interest my mind lately. Do ya'll use them? I think it might be good but I know I'd need a certain kind, not one to just tell me about the grammar and stuff, but one to make sure I'm making sense, and the story as a whole isn't that bad.

The story involves an OOC as the main character, something even I usually try to avoid when reading fanfic's but idk... I can't not think about it. *facepalm*


It is very windy...

All I can say is thank God it's not marching band season or else this wind would be killing me.

I have class at the local college tonight. Normally I don't mind the class, the professor is made of awesome and looks and sounds like Sean Connery, so it makes American History sound like a James Bond fiasco. But still. It's history which gets old fast, (lol) So I'll take pages of handwritten notes and not be able to focus on anything but what I'm writing down for nearly three hours. Sigh.

I also have not been able to find anything worth reading since finishing Harry Potter. So of course I've been re-reading Harry Potter, which has done nothing but inspire all sorts of distracting fanfiction ideas. I wrote about six thousand words of a fic last night. The idea worries me, 'cause the only way to get the idea I'd want across this story will span to be very long. Don't think I have much time to comit to something like that right now. If there's anything to add onto my hate-list uncompleted epic fanfiction is it.

I'm going to try to pick up a Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner tonight. It will (hopefully) get me out of my reading funk, because I can't imagine anything about Sounis and Attolia to be less than excellent.

Fare thee well.

I love HP

Harry Potter will definitely be referenced in my everyday life now. I've spent most of the day pilfering through photobucket pics of the series and re-reading through my favorite parts.

:-DCollapse )

I'm done

I have to sit and process for awhile. I'll have a thoughts post later...

HP thoughts, Books Five and Six

Um, wow.

That sums up a lot of my feelings.

*sob*Collapse )

HP thoughts, Books Three and Four

Holy Crow. The Goblet of Fire got INTENSE those last few chapters.

Cut for Spoilage...Collapse )

Anywhoo, I'm going to start Order of the Phoenix tomorrow, we'll see how I fair after reading that. I want a Harry Potter icon now. I'm afraid to go search for one though, for fear of spoilers. It'll have to wait I suppose. :)

Harry Potter

Alright. So I was one of those children who was banned from reading Harry Potter. Too much witch-craft, they don't promote good theme's etc. A few years ago mom finally said she really didn't care if I read them now or not she just didn't want me to be influenced as a child. Now I've seen the first two movies and part of the fourth one. And I know that Sirius and Dumbledore die, but other than that I don't know much about the story.

Yesterday, March 2, 2010, The librarian gave me Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. I finished it a few minutes ago and quite enjoyed it. Since I saw the first movie in theaters I didn't remember too much about it so It was quite enjoyable. Today I'm going to get the second one I think.

So here's to Harry Potter, please don't spoil me too much just hold my hand when someone dies. :) Thank you.


OneRepublic is an awesome band.

Seriously one of the best songs ever. This song is up because it's sort of inspired a story idea. Plus the Music Vid is just awesome. Don't you want to dance like that? Plus the violin is appropriately awesome.

I've been doing a lot on inkpop.com lately. I like the idea of this site so we'll see how it goes later on.

After two months of waiting the next chap of Vampire Knight was finally translated to English. (Patience is a virtue I do not yet have full control of.) And it was exciting. It's one of my guilty manga pleasures. Along with Skip Beat. Which is just in some lull-ish chapters until the good stuff happens again. Eek.

I read part of a slightly creepy story about mirror's today and am having issues now. Seeing things so to speak. It reminds me too much of that scene in The Haunting in Connecticut, where the boy thinks he sees something in the TV reflection and like right when he looks away the thing zooms up towards the screen in an intensely frightening manor. Yeah creeping me out.

Revising some of my old works. Man when I go back to some of that stuff I truly cringe at what a horrid author I have been. I mean jeez, every sentence starting with 'I' is not how you write in first person. *shiver*



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Meggie looked at him in astonishment. “You mean you don’t know?”
Dustfinger smiled. Meggie didn’t particularly like this smile.
“What’s so unusual about that, princess?” he asked quietly. “Do you know how your story ends?”
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